My Travel Plans for 2017!

Yabe, January is almost over, yet I haven’t been “anywhere” at all this month! :O So I guess I’ll just at least post my travel plans for eleven months ahead.


Just like last year, I still want to go to the snowy area! To Zao or Sado Island, or maybe Hokkaido for the Snow Festival? But the fact that I can’t really stand the cold of winter –even in Tokyo– had made me considered an escape to warmer areas, like Okinawa! Perhaps I can plan the Yonagunijima trip around February, or to Hatenohama in Kumejima. The slow life in the island and the white sand of the beaches I saw on one of my favorite TV’s programs few weeks ago had made me included this small island into my to-visit-places list!


The white saaand at Hatenohama in Kumejima *photo from here

Also, some areas in Tokyo will still be lit up for the illumination during this time. Maybe I can make a visit to one or two of them? The one at this Hotel New Otani Garden looks really beautiful, isn’t it?


Photo from the official page of Hotel New Otani

And I might as well go for some ume-blossom-photo-hunting around Atami, the website said it’s about 51.7% of the full bloom (per January 24th).


It’s not full bloom yet! *photo from here


I will definitely schedule a revenge for stargazing within this March or April, as soon as the weather gets warmer. Been checking on some spots in Chiba or Izu areas from this Tsunagu Japan page, as both are quite close to Tokyo, hence no need to prepare many things for camping, I guess? After the unprepared hunting at Tateyama last autumn, this time I need to make sure not only the weather, but also the MOON PHASE would meet the best condition for stargazing!


Smoga bisa kesampaian moto cakep kayak gini, aamiiin… *foto masih dari page nya Tsunagu Japan

No specific plan for cherry-blossom-photo-hunting outside Tokyo areas yet, let’s just settle for the nearest spots, dek! But I still wish I could make the visit to Hirosaki for the beautiful cherry blossom; yet again, I’m on low budget and not sure whether I can afford the expensive Shinkansen ticket, but not that young anymore to take the night bus *solusi satu-satunya kayaknya mesti cari duit yang banyak deh ini 😀

So maybe, as the compensation if I cannot make it to Hirosaki for the cherry blossom, I’d plan a road trip with a camping car passing through all the way to the Tohoku area, along the coast of Sea of Japan, and then back to Tokyo with Shinkansen *udah tua gak sanggup nyetir jauh-jauh sendirian kecuali bisa menemukan partner-in-crime buat mengeksekusi road trip ini selama minimal 5 hari mungkin?


A good option of a camping car for a “mini” person like me! Not that big to steer, but spacious enough for 3-4 persons! *ada yang mau ikutaaan? 😀 *photo from here


I fully realized that I might never make it to Karamatsudake in Nagano like I wished before (after the crazy hike at Tateyama Alpine Route last October!). However, I found out from my friend that the view is breathtaking enough even if you can’t reach the peak of Karamatsudake! You can take a ropeway (or ski lift to be exact) till the height of 1,830 m, and climb the mountain from there to Happo Lake. This website says it will take about 90 minutes one way! Let’s spare some 150 minutes for me 😀

If you look at the map below, the lake is shown as the top photo, at 2,060 m. I guess this one is more feasible for me and I can decide where to stop and just go back to the ski lift terminal. The Karamatsudake itself is at the end of the route shown in the map, at the height of 2,696 m!


Bisa naik ski lift sampe setengah jalan, yeeey yeeeey! *photo from here


I hope I can make the trip to Wakayama this summer, for the pilgrimage trails of Kumano Kodo. And while I’m there –cem udah pasti aja bakal berangkat, I’d better make it to Mie Prefecture as well, on the way back to Kanto area. Need to catch up with the 9 prefectures left to visit in Japan! The traditional area of Oharaimachi to approach the inner shrine of Ise looks interesting to explore!


Oharaimachi in Ise *photo from Japan Guide


Autumn foliage is still the main target for this period of time. And yes, I still want to drive through Bandai Azuma Lakeline in Fukushima! But another thing that I wish I could plan on is to fly across the continent to enjoy the changing colors of the real maple leaf, in CANADA! Yes I know this is too ambitious as I’m not sure whether I’m confident enough to travel alone, but it’d be more difficult to find someone else to go with. But at least I’ll put it here as a wish. It’d be super awesome if I could travel the rocky mountain on the Rocky Mountaineer yang mahal banget itu! *merinding sendiri awak pas ngescroll informasi perjalanan dengan kereta di Rocky Mountaineer iniiiiii!! I’ll check more detail information about the trip from my most favorite website for train-related stuff, the! *mampus deh tapi duitnya dari mana ya???


The breathtaking autumn view at Laurentian mountain! *tapi Quebec jauh bener yak kayaknya dari Vancouver *photo from here

Another option is to arrange a long overdue trip to Morocco! The visa to enter Morocco is “on arrival” for Indonesian citizen, hence the less hassle. But I’ll definitely need to find someone to go with, I’d be panicked if I were all by myself! *please dong, ada yang mau barengan naik onta di gurun Sahara gak? 😀


Cakep banget deh pasti sunset di gurun! *photo from here


November is again the time for autumn foliage hunting just around or to places within one-hour trip from Tokyo. As for December, I might again just stay at home (or out for my part time job) most of the time ☺


So, there goes my travel plans for this year. Some might seem too ambitious but I hope I can make most of them come true, aamiin!! Now let’s get some works done, dek!


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