Celebrating birthday on the road :)

I turned 31 last week, and I happened to be celebrating it on the road, as a driver! 🙂

*pic from my friend at the back seat 😀

Some of my husband’s office colleagues and I actually arranged a trip to Yamanashi area, for the autumn foliage, on the day before my birthday. But the weather forecast said it’s gonna be raining that day and of course we don’t want to ruin the joy, so we postponed the drive to be exactly on the day of my birthday.

Since no one else in the group can drive, except me, I had to bear with a total of almost 8 hours driving for the return trip! The traffic is quite crazy here in Japan during weekend! But hey, I got to celebrate the special day with family and friends, with an awesome view of Mt. Fuji, the beautiful momiji tunnel and the overwhelming colorful mountains at Shosenkyo Gorge. Plus, I got a bonus of delicious cheesecake, cut with a chopstick, inside the car, at one of the service area of the highway! 🙂


Mt. Fuji was seen clearly that afternoon!


The momiji tunnel at Kawaguchiko area




*posing as if I’m pondering about life 😀

the birthday cake 😀

Husband and I, after dropping off our friends at the station 😀

another cake three days later on another road trip to Okutama 😀

It was for sure a memorable (and tiring) birthday celebration! 🙂



10 responses to “Celebrating birthday on the road :)

  1. Happy birth day, Mba Adek!!
    it’s a pleasure to go on a trip with you (formal bgt, wkwkwkwk).
    anyway… thank you udah diajakinnn tanoshi sugiru ahahahaha

      • Oh iyaaa lupa terus. Oke nanti pas winter break aku coba translate.
        (Semoga ga postpone lagiiihh, penyakitnya procrastinator, Lol)

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  3. Deeekk aku telat!!! Ya Allah @.@

    Happy milad ya deek. Mudah2an umur barunya barakah dan segala rencana Adek lancar ke depannya. *peluk virtual*

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