Homeros Pension in Selçuk, “A home away from home” :)

I am the kind of person who browsed way TOO MUCH when it comes to traveling preparation, especially before making a decision on which hotel/hostel to book during a trip. This of course could be good, and bad at the same time. There were a lot of times when I would feel that I’ve just wasted too much time comparing the plus and minus of several options for the accommodation, and then even after I chose one, I would still feel like ”What if the other place is actually better than the one I’m going to stay at?” *kenapalah saya susah bener iklas menerima kenyataan 😀

So the same thing happened during my previous trip (with my friends) to Turkey. One of the places that we visited is Selçuk, where we planned to visit some spots in Ephesus nearby. I browsed and browsed for many hours on Booking.com as well as the Hostelworld.com and got all bewildered at so many choices that I found *sigh*

Long story short, I decided to book this Homeros Pension after considering the good review in Booking.com, the location, and the most important thing is the affordable price, which fits our budget. Since there were three of us during the trip, I mostly searched for hotel/hostel with the option of private room for three. That time we paid around 58 euros for a private en-suite room for three people, including the breakfast. Quite a good deal for us, as we mostly compared the price to the expensive Tokyo 😀

Homeros Pension is located quite close to train station and the bus terminal, which is important for us because we will take the night bus to Istanbul the following day. On our arrival day, we got off from the train at almost 9:00 pm, after one-day trip at Pamukkale. The first plan was to walk through the approximately 7 minutes time needed to get to the hostel. But when we asked the staff at the station about Homeros Pension (to make sure that we’re going to the right direction), they called the hostel and told us that Dervis, which I assumed is the brother of the owner (after reading so many reviews at Booking.com), will pick us up by car to the station! *yeeeey, lumayan mengurangi beban panggulan 😀

Homeros hotel

The train station is on the right side, the one with “Selçuk Garı” written on it

Since it was already quite late at night, and we were totally tired after the night-bus drive the previous day, Dervis let us get into the room without going through the check-in procedure (we didn’t even pay yet!). As I expected from all the pictures on their page, the decoration and furniture in our room (as well as the common area and the dining room) are very antique and just too cute that we ended up taking so many pictures of it! The room is clean and cozy with some simple amenity provided. Too bad the Wi-Fi signal is just a bit weak in our room; but it’s still working though, and we had our own mobile Wi-Fi that time, so no problem at all 🙂 Oh, I just want to mention that hairdryer is not provided in the room. But I guess you can borrow one from the receptionist; it was just too late at night for us.


An antique room for three

Antique room for three at Homeros Pension in Selcuk

*better pic from their page at Booking.com


One of the corner at the common room 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.11.47 AM

The entrance door to our room, as seen from the common room *picture is still from Booking.com

The owner, Saziye, is a very friendly person and she makes sure that everyone feels welcomed. A nice and healthy breakfast was prepared in the morning (included in the room charge) and there was even this cute heater (?), where she toasted the bread for us! When my friend asked her what kind of jam that she put on our plate (because it was just so delish!), she said that it was a homemade jam and immediately offered us one bottle each!

Colorful breakfast at Homeros Pension in Selcuk

The colorful breakfast, for the three of us *penuh perjuangan banget deh ini saya ngabisin buah2nya, huuu….


The dining room, still with those antique accessories!


This is how they toasted the bread for us, and they use it to boil the water for the Turkish chay as well!


See the bottle back there filled with the red jam? That’s the delish Şeftali Reçeli (Turkish peach) jam that we brought all the way back home to Tokyo. And because our breakfast table was full of cheese back there in Turkey, I decided to put some cream cheese on my toasted bread as well 😀

Saziye also kindly let us stayed to take some rest in the dining room on the night after we checked out, while waiting for our night bus to Istanbul. She even allowed us to use the bathroom and shower room in the building before we left. It’s really just so sad that we only stayed for one night. The three of us agreed that we would love to come again and spend more time to enjoy the atmosphere in Selçuk, and stay at this pension again 🙂 We wish we could have more time to enjoy the rooftop and watch the sunset. Need to plan a longer visit to Turkey, maybe? ☺

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.12.11 AM

I wish we could spend more time in Homeros Pension and lazying around at this nice terrace *photo from Booking.com


The entrance of the Pension

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.12.34 AM

View of the building *pic from Booking.com


The colorful stairs on the way to the Pension from the bus station

The Grotto of Seven Sleepers

Let me put this one as the last picture of this post: The Grotto of Seven Sleepers (or Ashabul Kahfi) at Ephesus, one of the spot that we finally got to visit during our one day trip 🙂


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