Where I want to go in 2016

Posting these so-called “traveling goals” has kept me motivated to travel more during the last few years. So I guess I’m gonna do this again for 2016 🙂


I’ll be going back home to Indonesia for about 3 weeks (insyaAllah departing tomorrow), to attend my brother in law’s and then my brother’s wedding. And yes of course for all the delicious but abunai foods! The schedule would be a bit packed with quite a lot of transfer between cities to meet friends and families. But I’m sure it’d fun, especially with the culinary list I’ve prepared! *tehe 😀

But then after returning back to Japan, I hope I can have at least ONE snowy trip, pleeease? It would be nice to visit Zao in Yamagata Prefecture. Just to enjoy the view of the ice monster, my husband won’t allow me to try any skiing, let alone snowboarding! *istri sholehah mesti nurut apa kata suami *kibas jilbab *padahal biasanya mah gak selalu nurut juga 😀


That ice monster!! *photo from here


There will be one special gathering of Panasonic Scholarship around middle of March in Osaka, so I’m currently plotting a short visit to Kanazawa and Fukui (demi main ke tempat Pici), before or after the visit to Kansai area. I’m sure that it will be difficult to drag my husband to join me for the sightseeing part –he is not as hima as I am, so maybe I’ll just do solo trip this time. *gues I have to start saving some money for the Hokuriku Shinkansen 🙂

Kanazawa station

The gate of Kanazawa station *photo from here

A short trip to Taiwan was planned around mid of March so that I can use up some of my ANA miles expiring end of that month. But but but, mbak Ervin, a friend I’ve known for few years already but we’ve never met yet, might not be in Taiwan anymore in March. So maybe I need to rearrange this trip, or maybe we can meet up somewhere else later 🙂 *mbak Erviiin selamat yaa udah selesai S3 nyaaa…

And I’ll try my best to visit Aomori this spring! For the Sakura, and maybe for the stove winter train of Tsugaru line as well!


Sakura at Hirosaki castle *photo from here


The Tsugaru railway *photo from here


In the beginning of May, we will have quite a long holiday in Japan, known as Golden Week. During this period, the tourism spots are totally crowded, so I’d better stay at home or maybe I can just go for some culinary trips around Tokyo.

Oh, and they say that the blue Nemophila in Hitachi Seaside Park will bloom around end of April until middle of May. I’ll keep watching their website for the update of the blooming Nemophila, and depart immediately when the weather is good!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 6.40.30 PM

The Nemophila *photo from here

And perhaps I can go for a short hiking before Ramadhan start in June to Karamatsudake in Nagano. After some research, I found out that K’s House Backpacker Hostel –my favorite backpacker hostel chain so far– in Hakuba is located quite close to the hiking track of Karamatsudake! So I can experience both, the backpacker hostel and (hopefully) the awesome view like that photo from Bintang! *cih bikin iri aja :p


Karamatsudake *photo credit: Bintang Karunia Akbar :p


Summer would be perfect for an overnight-train trip with Sunrise Izumo to Shimane Prefecture. I couldn’t make this trip happen last year because of the conference stuff before graduation; this year should be more feasible. From what I’ve read (and saw on TV), Sunrise Izumo runs together with Sunrise Seto and leaves Tokyo at around 10 pm. The following morning, the cars split into two at Okayama station, where Sunrise Seto will head to Takamatsu in Shikoku, and Sunrise Izumo would be bound for Izumo of course, home to Izumo Taisha, one of Japan’s oldest and most sacred shrines! The first time I saw about this train was from my favorite TV program featuring the 鉄道BIG4, and since then have been longing to try the nobinobi seat!


The Nobinobi seat! *photo from here

From Shimane, perhaps I can rent a car for quite a long drive to Yamaguchi Prefecture, to visit that Tsunoshima bridge! *just like I’ve been longing for since last year and the year before and the year before that 😀 Or maybe I can go all the way to Kyushu as well?? *yang ini mah terlalu ambisius yak!

I’d love to plan few days visit to Wakayama for the pilgrimage trails of Kumano Kodo. I’ve been doing some research about the possible trip to this UNESCO world heritage routes and maybe I’m not going to be too ambitious to visit all the three shrines, but will definitely include the Kohechi routes! The house down there is home to a cute little girl who appeared in はじめてのおつかい about two years ago, who knows I might see her in person, or her grandma 😀


I’m still going to put the plan for visiting Yonagunijima in this post! I’ll definitely spare some money EVERY MONTH to make this trip happen! *plis dek plis udah kelamaan banget tertundanyaaa…

Dr. Goto's clinic :) *photo from here

Dr. Goto’s clinic 🙂 *photo from here

Aaand hopefully this year I can go to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route during autumn, for the beautiful foliage of course. Maybe I should consider spending one night at Tateyama to spare more time for the hiking.


Tateyama is just too awesome! *photo from here

Tateyama kurobe alpine route

Will keep watching the autumn color reports from Japan Guide!

Doraibu to Bandai Azuma Lakeline in October (and maybe with additional visit to Fukushima) would be nice as well. Also for the autumn foliage. Need to find partner-in-crime to drive all the way to the mountainous road!

Bandai Azuma Lakeline

Bandai Azuma Lakeline *photo from here, scroll to number 13!


As for November, maybe I’ll just spend the time in Tokyo and find some new spots for autumn foliage photos hunting. Same plan for December I guess, I’ll just use most of the time for the culinary session 😀


So, that’s it. Guess I’ll get through the first thing tomorrow then. Going back home to Indonesiaaaaa….. *langsung panic belum beres packing 😀


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    • Cakep banget ya mbak pas peak nya musim gugur gituu..
      Alhamdulillah nyampe jakartanya lancar mbak, trus akhirnya sebagian isi koper aku masukin koper kecil yang dibawa ke kabin, yang masuk bagasi pas timbang di rumah lebih 3 kilo udah niat bayar aja ternyata di bandara cuman kebelihan 2 kilo trus dilolosin sama mbaknya, rejeki, hehe..

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