Efendi Hotel, Istanbul

My two friends and I stayed at Efendi Hotel on our trip to Turkey last New Year. With the options of “three persons in one room”, Efendi Hotel was one of the hotels given by search results of Booking.com. Since I am the kind of person who looooves eating, I’ll start by reviewing the breakfast served by this hotel 😀 I can only say that they serve a very nice buffet! Especially for a low-budget traveler like me 😀 The breakfast was served at the hotel dining terrace where there was also a cozy big sofa at the corner, for the whole family or friends to have a nice meal together, wiiiith the view of Ayasofya from the window.


My first breakfast at Efendi Hotel with the view of Ayasofya

Big sofa at restaurant

Big sofa for the whole family 🙂


Table for four next to the big window

The best part is that my friends and I were offered a breakfast on the morning we checked-in, for FREE!!! We took a night bus from Selcuk the day before and arrived around 8 in the morning, so we were very hungry! 😀 Our first plan was just to leave our luggage at the receptionist and borrowed their restroom to clean ourselves a bit and change clothes. But then the woman on the desk told us to go up for the breakfast -a very nice buffet like I mentioned previously! Aaaand, when we finished filling up our stomach fully, and were about to start the sightseeing part, the girl at the reception said that our room was ready and we can get in if we want to use the bathroom for shower or else! But no, we didn’t have time for that, we went directly to Ayasofya after the breakfast 😀

Kalap sarapan

My second breakfast! Even the ham is halal here, how great is that!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.05.18 PM

The buffet, photo taken from their page in Booking.com

Oh, not to mention the wonderful view from the rooftop terrace where they also set up a swing with minimalist design! I’m sure it would be very nice to have a lazy sunset viewing there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to do this though.

Rooftop terrace

My friend at the rooftop terrace 🙂

Now let me get into the room and the price. We booked a “standard triple room” with 3 single beds for a total of 9935 JPY for one night! That’s around 3300 JPY per person, which is already veeery cheap for a room like this (if compared to Japan). The room was big, clean, equipped with a TV set, and there was even an antique phone on the table (didn’t try them though)! There was an electric pot and a set of coffee and tea as well. They also provide the slippers! Since not all the hotels we stayed at provide the slipper, so I need to emphasize that Efendi Hotel does! 😀

Efendi Hotel

The antique phone 😀

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.05.22 PM

I believe we spent the night at this very exact room. Photo is from their page at Booking.com

The bathroom was also nice! Face towel and bath towel were provided, in addition to a big bathrobe 😀 The amenities was well-equipped, and the most important part is that the bathroom is CLEAN! My only problem was that the water pressure in the shower is quite weak, and there was no wardrobe. I got nothing else to complain 😀

Anyway, this “standard triple room” where we stayed at, is actually located on the basement second floor. I don’t know the reason but maybe there’s a rule in this area that you cannot have tall building to keep the historical site looks nice, or maybe it’s just the strategy to cut the cost of construction. Either way, this hotel has two floors underground! A basement room might sound gloomy with no window nor sunlight at all, but our room was none like that! They designed the room to have a terrace, with a wall that goes up to the ground floor, which makes you feel like you’re not at the basement at all.

Basement terrace outside the room

Basement terrace outside the room. Photo is from their page at Booking.com

However, please note that this is the case for the basement second floor. By looking at the terrace, we could see that the basement first floor won’t have this facility. But maybe they get a balcony. Maybe, I’m not sure. Also, some reviewers at Booking.com do mention that they stayed in a room with no window (perhaps in the basement), so do consider about this as well. Anyway, they describe about each room in quite detail on their website, so you can check them before making the decision. Hotel location is very good (in Sultanahmet area), so main sightseeing spots like Ayasofya, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace could be reached within 10-15 minutes walking. It is located on the side street, so it won’t get noisy because of the traffic or else. And it’s only 5 minutes walk from the nearest tram station, so no worry of dragging you luggage too far.

Overall, I would totally recommend this hotel for those who are planning to visit Istanbul, especially for family or group of friends. I personally will definitely stay in this hotel again if I get to visit Istanbul in the future ^^

You can also check some discount or other offer from Efendi Hotel directly to their official website is here.


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