Places I wish to Visit in 2015

It might be a bit late to post this now, since the first month of 2015 had already passed. But we still have another 11 months to go this year! That’s plenty of time to plan some trips 😀

So here goes my wish list (for traveling) this year!

~ February

Cold winter in Japan during February will definitely make me stay at home more. But there is this place called Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture, where the winter view is overwhelming and super tempting even for just a short two-days-one-night visit from Tokyo. I was planning to have a short trip during mid of February just to enjoy the snow and the view, but it seems to be impossible considering the packed scheduled of farewell parties and the supposed-to-be-my-pre-defense preparation during this month. So, I decided to change the plan and am currently making an itinerary for a trip to Izu, as a farewell trip for my Panasonic Scholarship fellow, Mook.

Both of us have been planning to stay at this K’s House Ito Onsen –located along the Matsukawa-rive in Ito– since loooong long before (well, not that long actually, few years maybe :D)! This K’s House chain backpacker hostel has been my favourite in Japan after staying at their hostels in Hiroshima, Mt. Fuji, Takayama and Kyoto. What makes K’s House Ito Onsen different from their other hostels is that the wooden building is actually a more than 100 years old cultural landmark, which was reborn as a hostel!

K's House Ito Onsen

Can you notice the “K’s House” in the middle? *took this picture during my trip to Izu few years ago*

We’re also planning to see the Kawadzu-zakura. This year, the festival will be open from February 10th to March 10th. The cherry blossom here blooms quite early compared to the other areas, and it is mentioned that they have several types of Sakura that you can enjoy, as well as a Sakura-tunnel along the Kawadzu-river, from where the festival is named. Will try to take this trip slow and not be so ambitious of visiting many places in one day 😀


Screen shot Kawadzu-zakura from their website

There’s also an option to go for an illumination in Sagamiko, which was mentioned to be the biggest illumination in Kanto area! Not really sure whether I can make it during this cold winter, but the illumination will still be there until April 12th this year (for certain period the illumination is displayed only on Fri-Sun), so maybe I can wait until the weather gets warmer first 😀

March ~ April

I’ll have to skip March, and get focus for my pre-defense! >_<

But I am toootally gonna go for Sakura-hunting trip this year! If cannot make it to the beautiful Sakura bloom in Hirosaki, maybe I’ll just settle for the one in Kamakura, or Kawaguchi area 😀 The new Hokuriku shinkansen (scheduled to be operating from 14th of March) is one of the best options for Sakura-hunting, perhaps to Ishikawa Prefecture?

May ~ June

May and June are the two months that I am not sure where to go yet, as always.

Maybe I’ll just rent a car and go for a drive to Chiba, or Ibaraki. Just for one day trip.

July ~ August

Well, my PhD final defense will most probably be scheduled within July, so I guess I need to get serious, REALLY SERIOUS!

But then I hope I will have more time in August to have a night-train trip to Shimane Prefecture and perhaps I can rent a car from there for quite a long drive to Yamaguchi Prefecture, to visit that Tsunoshima bridge I’ve been longing for 😀


The Tsunoshima bridge *photo from here*

Ooooor, maybe I can have a few days trip to Hokkaido, for the beautiful summer, and for the long-wished visit to Wakkanai!


In September, I hope I can have my long wished at-least-two-weeks trip to Europe! As a graduation trip maybe? Well that, if I can get through my final defense successfully though 😀 This Europe trip is actually way too ambitious for a scholarship-supported student like me. But maybe I can allocate some money from my part time job’s “saving” 😀 Let’s pray for this trip to happen! Not sure whether I would want a solo trip or not, but it might be difficult to find partner-in-crime to travel together, for that two weeks. So let’s just write this down as a wish first, who knows it might come true!

If the Europe trip has to be called off (which is most likely to be), let’s make that Yonagunijima trip happen, Dek! Six years is too long to keep postponing the trip 😀 *mungkin sebaiknya saya belajar berenang dulu tapi yak, supaya bisa snorkeling gitu minimal* 😀


One of the great views of Yonagunijima *picture from here*

I will skip planning any Arashiyama-autumn-trip this year. If I will ever get the chance, I will just go without planning anything maybe 😀 Also, If I can manage to graduate in September, basically I will be “free” and jobless from October onward 😀 Perhaps this could be the chance for me to plan the trip to southern part Kyushu that I haven’t visited yet. Oita or Miyazaki or Kagoshima Prefecture, or all three of them at once, could be a nice trip 😀


No specific plan for November yet. Autumn-hiking might be interesting. Somewhere quite close to Tokyo maybe? Okutama sounds nice!

And I wish I can go back home during New Year’s holiday, for the food, and to meet all the family of course 😀


*Now now, let’s get back to reality, Dek! *nangis-nangis ngeliat tumpukan to-do-list kenkyuu yang sama sekali gak menarik buat disentuh*


8 responses to “Places I wish to Visit in 2015

  1. Mba, kalau ga ada rencana ngapa-ngapain pas november, udah jalan-jalan temenin aku aja, hahaha *tetep lho*
    (siapa tau nulis begini bisa kesampaian lagi kayak mei tahun lalu)

    btw, itu europe trip, huuuhuhuhu mau ikut~~

    • Waaa, jadinya november ke sini pres? Bolleh, klo jadwalnya pas mbak ikutan jalan-jalan deh, siapa tau kesampaian yaaa…
      Europe trip kayaknya rada sulit direalisasikan pres, tapi siapa tau tiba2 aja rejeki kan ya, aamiiiin.. 😀

      • gatau juga sih mba, masih berharap. haha. aku mau nyobain naik pesawat yg ga pake transit ah mba, tapi klo tipe airlines gitu biasanya ngasih promo 3/4 bulan sebelumnya kan ya, doain ya mba, siapa tau jadi, kor-jpn niatnya, hahaha

      • Huuu, mbak paling gak pernah ngincer promo pesawat ni, jadi pengen nyobain, ntar kapan2 iseng liat2 promo juga ah *mau ke mana belum tau padahal* 😀

        Smoga dapet tiket yang murah meriah ya preees, sekalian buat ke korea nya, aamiiin…

  2. Waaahh mbak sudah mau PhD saja..aku baru mau cari beasiswa buat ke sana..hehehe
    Selamat hanami ya mbak.. jadi pengen lihat bunga sakura mekar secara langsung XD

    • Hehe, iya ni mbak udah kelamaan di kampus kayaknya 😀
      Mohon doanya semoga lancar 🙂
      Smoga lancar urusan beasiswa nya juga yaa..
      Btw Sakura tahun ini di Tokyo cepet banget abisnya, baru mekar full sebentar udah berguguran kena ujan sama angin, huu…

      • amiinn..mohon do’anya ya mbak, semoga saya dimudahkan jalannya mendapat beasiswa PhD..
        Sukses ya mbak buat PhD nyaa, semoga kalo ada kesempatan kita bisa meet up ;D *Ita sksd deeehh*

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