Phoenix Park Hotel, Pyeongchang, South Korea

Pheonix Park Ski Resort

Pheonix Park Ski Resort, photo is borrowed from Korea Tourism Organization website

So last week I went to South Korea for the first time, to accompany my husband attending a conference at a ski resort in Pyeongchang area, which later I found out will be the host of 2018 Winter Olympic. One of the ski resort in Pyeongchang area is Phoenix Park, where the conference took place. And since, the company where my husband works paid for all the accomodation, we decided to stay at the hotel instead of the cheaper hostel *mumpung kan* 😀 Btw, it’s also mentioned that the condo in Phoenix Park was one of the filming locations for Winter Sonata! *gak ngerti juga bagian mananya*

First thing that surprised us upon our arrival was that the hotel staff didn’t give any breakfast coupon after the check-in! Turns out they don’t serve free breakfast for the people staying at the hotel, and you’ll have to pay around 18,000 won for one-of-so-few-breakfast-options they provide. That’s around 1,800 JPY sodara-sodara! Kan sayaaang duitnyaaaa *jiwa mahasiswa bermodalkan beasiswa nya keluar deh*

photo 4

Good thing that the room comes with an electric kettle, so we could still have some instant noodles for light meals before then going out to food court at the ski area. And there were also at least two convenience store around the resort complex that sells many kinds of instant food, some fruits and vegetables, and even rice! Perhaps because they also offer condominium and villa with kitchen inside, they prefer to provide raw materials instead of providing the free breakfast? I don’t know.

photo 5

Sang teko penyelamat *KW-an T-fal ya ini?*

photo 1

Food court tempat ski

The hotel room is actually nice and big enough -as it’s supposed to be- for a five-star hotel. They got a medium safety deposit box (couldn’t manage to put 13 inch laptop into it though), comfortable pillow and bed, a sofa and a TV.


picture is from the website since I didn’t take any photos of the room, the sofa in the room where I stayed was a bit different 😀

… but then again I got surprised when I found out that they don’t provide any soap, shampoo or even toothpaste nor toothbrush in the bathroom! Later, I found those amenities around the shelves, with “price” tag sticking on them! It’s not that expensive actually, but still, I was expecting a five-star hotel will at least provide those crucial amenities.

photo 2

price price price 😀

photo 3

List harga

Fortunately, I brought my own toiletries since we were staying at a guesthouse in Seoul the day before. I was anticipating that a guesthouse might not provide body soap and else, but turns out the guesthouse provide them, so I could use mine at the hotel! Oh well, at least I didn’t bring those toiletries for nothing 😀

I have been mentioning only the bad things about this hotel, buuuut, this Phoenix Park resort actually has a big water park called “Blue Canyon” with largest and longest water slide in Korea, according to the website. I cannot say anything about this water park since I didn’t get in at all. Was not really interested to play around in water, especially not in winter 😀

The ski area itself was quite crowded when we were there, so I think it’s quite popular! They also have ski and snowboarding lesson for foreign people, and provide instructor who can speak English, Chinese and Russia *if I’m not mistaken*


It was Monday!

Agaaain, I didn’t do any ski or snowboarding, so I cannot say anything about the slope and else, but you may ride the gondola up to the top of the mountain by paying 12,000 KRW for return ticket, even without the ski/snowboarding gear on you.


view from uphill


nebeng poto bersama maskot yang udah tenggelam setengah badan 😀

With these few weak points that I mentioned -and maybe there are still others- but still with some great facilities they offer, no wonder this hotel got quite low score on review. I guess I will consider to find other option next time, iiiiff I’d ever get any chance to visit Pyeongchang again, hopefully also for free 😀


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