Okinawa oh Okinawa..

So yesterday I checked my ANA mileage account and found out that my miles were already enough to get 4 segments flight to Okinawa including one local island there; either Miyako or Ishigaki!

I’ve been planning to visit Okinawa since quite loooong time ago.

When the first time I watched Dr. Koto dorama, I imagined myself cycling around Yonagunijima *like the scene Dr. Koto had at the ending song of the series*, taking pictures of Dr. Koto’s clinic, hiking to Cape Irizaki where the marker for Japan’s westernmost point stands (you might wanna have a look at that “Japan on Foot” book by these two women), and perhaps having some new experience in snorkeling or diving?

So then I had a look at google map today and found out that Yonagunijima is quite close to Ishigaki, to where I can use my ANA miles. Well, Yonagunijima is closer to Taiwan actually, but I’m not sure I can make the visit both to Okinawa and Taiwan in one trip 😀

And since one of the new students in my lab is from Okinawa, I asked him about this Yonagunijima today. Guess what, he said his father’s hometown is Yonagunijima! Well the whole family moved to Naha already, but he went there about three times when he was a child.

Too bad there is no ANA flight to Yonagunijima so I cannot use my miles. He gave me the link of the island’s tourism website and turns out some local airlines are serving the flight from Ishigaki to Yonagunijima. Too bad the prices are too expensive for both airlines. Return ticket is about 30,000 JPY from Ishigaki -_-“ wong ke Ishigaki nya aja saiya nyari gratisan dari miles 😀

I decided to check another option, which is the ferry from Ishigaki to Yonagunijima. As predicted, it is cheaper, costs you 6,580 JPY for return ticket, but it takes 4 and half hours for one-way trip, aaaaand there are only 2 ferries every week 😀

Ferry is leaving Ishigaki every Tuesday and Friday, and departing every Wednesday and Saturday from Yonagunijima! Ngehehe, minimal mesti empat hari berarti yak di Yonagunijimanya 😀

Managed to find affordable guest house there from But really, this means that I will have to take at least two weeks holiday to go around Naha, Ishigaki, and this Yonagunijima, which is not quite possible in current condition I guess. This is really difficult…

Will have to consider to find some partners-in-crime as well. Pretty sure my husband doesn’t have any interest to join 😀

Ichiou ditulisin dulu sajalah di to-visit-places, smoga dalam waktu dekat bisa kesampaian, amiiin….


2 responses to “Okinawa oh Okinawa..

    • … dan kemudian adek mesti loading dulu baca2 blog mbak Ida buat mastiin.. *kebanyakan temen yang namanya Ida ni kayaknya adek, hihi.. Arigato mbaaak ^^

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